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XunKari is a project specially designed for those looking for a lifestyle that is genuinely respectful of nature and the exuberant but delicate biodiversity of the Mayan jungle.

XunKari is a place that rescues Tulum's original purity and serenity, where we can show our love for Mother Earth with a daily lifestyle of low environmental impact and carbon footprint.

Here, you will find privacy and, at the same time, a harmonious coexistence with other people seeking wellness, spirituality, and expansion of consciousness.


Phase I

Delivery 2022

Phase II

Delivery 2024

Phase III





Where Mayan history meets a sustainable future, and where every step you take brings you closer to the family you always dreamed of having

Mayan Heritage

Preserving an Ancient Legacy

We honor the legacy of our Mayan ancestors, who inhabited this land with wisdom and respect for nature.


A Commitment to the Planet

We generate our energy from natural resources, using solar energy to guarantee a minimum environmental impact.

Homelike Community

Where Strangers Become Family

A community is more than a group of houses. It is a place where strangers become friends, and friends become family.

Our commitment

Xelburi is a real estate developer with over 25 years of experience in urban development, construction, interior design, and financial services in México and the United Estates.

It has seen the birth and blossoming of Tulum as one of the most essential energy destinations in the world, and today, it offers the first sustainable residential concept in the area. Their mission is to be pioneers and to set an example for other developers to be sustainable.

It was internationally recognized for its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Received the acclaimed award PIPA’s (Porcelanosa International Project Award) for the best global residential project in 2022 and has attracted the attention of publications such as Forbes, Robb Report, and Lifestyle.


XunKar Villas

Jungle Club House (at every phase)

Pool | Mezcal bar | Chill Zone

Cenote - Phase I

Yoga area - Phase I

Zen Garden - Phase I

Gym - Phase I

Jungle Waterfall - Phase I
Sustainability Pavilion Phase I

XunKar Villas

Natural Cenote

Fire Pit - Phase I

Sight-seeing Tower - Phase II

Pet Area - Fase II

Jungle Spa - Phase II

Jacuzzi - Phase III

Temazcal - Phase III

Jungle Pickleball Court - Phase III

XunKar Towers

Yoga & Meditation Area

Garden & Rooftop Pool

Ice Bath

Smoothies Bar

Mezcal Bar

BBQ Area

Outdoor Cinema

Electric Bikes

Jungle Co-working Space

Fire Pit

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